irina_georgieva_biografiePlaying the piano has always been my dream. But back then in my home country Bulgaria, when I was five years old, pianos were a rarity in people’s homes. They were also very expensive so having this instrument seemed completely out of reach. And I kept my dream to myself for a long time – up until that night when I couldn’t sleep so I got up and went to tell my mother about it.

My parents were very sympathetic and thought that my piano dream was special and worth encouraging. Although there were no other musicians in my family to talk to, they decided to provide an instrument for me and let me give it a try. And as miracles happen …this was a German one…a lovely «Zimmermann». My grandpa travelled from the provinces to Sofia and queued for an entire week in front of the music shop that usually only sold Russian pianos, if any at all.

My precious, priceless «Zimmermann» stayed back at home when I came to Switzerland in 2001 with a scholarship from the Zurich-based Gerber-ten- Bosch foundation to work with the famous concert pianist Rudolf Buchbinder.
My very first and very dear «Zimmermann» which is still in my home country Bulgaria, taught me, amongst other things, that music has power over everything if it arises from love!